the future of collections

Predictive Collection Reports for Community Associations Fueled by Data Analytics & Innovation.

Join the digital age

So many technological advancements, like Techcollect, are available for the Community Association industry. So, why do we continue to operate in the past?

api connections

Our report connects directly to any management companies software. No hassle, no confusion. Our report is available when and where you need it most.

Collect faster

Each and every person is different. Some people communicate via text while others prefer phone calls or email. So why are communities continuing to treat all homeowners the same?

save your communities money

Stop spending thousands of dollars on ill-advised and antiquated collection methods. Our custom roadmap will save communities time and money.

Techcollect is the Future of Collections


  • Delinquent A/R
  • Missing from HOAs
  • Needed to Operate
  • Ready to be Collected


  • Contact Information
  • Property Records
  • Financial Information
  • Court Records


  • TC Scoring
  • Collection Roadmap
  • Path Comparisons
  • Communication & Legal

Frequently asked questions

Techcollect leverages data and technology to create a report that provides the guidance community associations need to collect past due assessments. 

Techcollect is not a collection agency. Techcollect partners with hundreds of attorneys and collection agencies throughout the country to provide community associations with a full circle solution for collecting past due assessments. 

Watch our video above to see the Techcollect report or visit here.

The cost for the Techcollect report can vary based on the number of reports ordered and any custom work completed. Contact us below to get a quote today!

We have watched community associations throw away thousands of dollars on ill-advised antiquated collection methods. We knew there had to be a better way to collect this debt. And, we knew that leveraging data and technology was the best way to do it. So, we took all of our resources and years of knowledge to develop Techcollect. Through Techcollect we are able to analyze thousands of data points to recommend One Best Way to collect delinquent accounts and offer guidance through our collection roadmap. 


The future of collections is here. Don’t get left behind. Leave us your contact info and we will schedule a demo ASAP.