The Future of Collections

Collection Reports & Workflow Automation to Resolve Delinquencies

Where AI meets AR

TechCollect is a patent-pending technology that leverages machine learning in a closed-AI environment. The more you use it, the smarter it gets!

Collection Reports

Through our extensive data analytics, we are able to generate unique collection reports and the “one best way” to recover each debt.

Software Integration

Our workflow is an extension of your existing management software for “zero labor” debt resolution.


Our science-based “Roadmap” of recommended actions dynamically updates a timeline of completed actions and responses.


We support your fee structure, templates, payment plans, and preferred communication methods.


We serve attorneys, collection agencies, management companies, and communities seeking to improve collection outcomes.

Who Uses TechCollect?

Management Companies

Direct integration with your software enables more resolutions and increased revenue with zero labor.


Let TechCollect resolve delinquencies so that you only use legal action when necessary.


TechCollect resolves early resolutions, so you can focus on the accounts that require legal action.

Management Software

Incorporate AI-based workflow automation from TechCollect as part of your AR/Delinquency stack.

Billions of Dollars

We knew that billions of dollars in delinquencies could be quickly resolved if we had the answers to all of those “whys”, so we figured it out: that One Best Way to resolve each delinquency. Not two or three or many. There is One Best Way to do almost anything, including collections.

Bad Press

Communities are under pressure to show that legal action is an option of last resort for delinquencies, and state regulations are slowing the collection process to ensure owners have more time to resolve delinquencies with their manager. TechCollect meets your “due diligence” requirements with zero labor and direct integration.

One Best Way

We believe that 90% of delinquencies can be resolved without legal action by using the data science and generative AI behind our One Best Way. We are getting closer to that goal every day!

Frequently Asked Questions

TechCollect generates a report and score for each unit, along with the “One Best Way” roadmap of automated communications to help the debtor resolve their delinquency.

TechCollect is a software, not a collection service. TechCollect partners with boards, managers, attorneys and collection agencies throughout the country with a solution to help them collect past due assessments. 

The cost for the TechCollect report and workflow varies based on volume. Contact us below to get a quote today!

Community associations throw away thousands of dollars each year on ill-advised and antiquated collection methods. We knew there had to be a better way to collect this debt, and we knew that leveraging data and technology was the best way to do it. We took all our resources and decades of knowledge to develop TechCollect and integrate it with the leading management software providers for the community association industry.

The Future of Collections


  • Delinquent A/R
  • Missing from HOAs
  • Needed to Operate
  • Ready to be Collected


  • Contact Information
  • Property Records
  • Financial Information
  • Court Records


  • TC Scoring
  • Collection Roadmap
  • Path Comparisons
  • Communication & Legal

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