our why

TechCollect is home to a bunch of curious nerds. You know that annoying niece that always asked “why?” – we probably hired her. Because our “why” is worth billions of dollars. Yes, that is billions with a B.

We knew that billions of dollars in delinquencies could be quickly resolved if we had the answers to all of those “whys”, so we figured it out: that One Best Way to resolve each delinquency. Not two or three or many. There is One Best Way to do almost anything, including collections.

Playing chess, hitting a golf ball, driving to your destination – we have all seen technology that reveals that One Best Way. And now we have patent-pending technology that reveals the One Best Way to resolve each delinquency. That means billions of dollars, using thousands of data points, for the One Best Way – a roadmap to results.

Bad Press

Communities are under pressure to show that legal action is an option of last resort for delinquencies, and state regulations are slowing the collection process to ensure owners have more time to resolve delinquencies with their manager. TechCollect meets your “due diligence” requirements with zero labor and direct integration.

One Best Way

We believe that 90% of delinquencies can be resolved without legal action by using the data science and generative AI behind our One Best Way. We are getting closer to that goal every day!